#FollowFriday – Copyblogger

Follow FridayIn the spirit of Twitter’s Follow Friday, but taking a page from Spin Sucks’ more thoughtful approach, I offer each week one communications blog, Twitter account, or website that offers great content.

I love Copyblogger because they help me be a better writer.

Read their blog & you’ll learn not just how to do SEO (optimize your content for search engines), and navigate sticky grammar issues, but more basic – and much more difficult – elements of writing like how to connect with readers on an emotional level, how to grab their attention right away.

Of course, they’re in the business of selling services. And that’s actually why I like their site so much, because they’re a brilliant example of content marketing. They provide free, high-quality content that keeps me coming back for more, and keeps me re-tweeting links to their site.

Plus, I haven’t found a typo on the Copyblogger blog yet. It distresses me to say how much I appreciate that, because I read mostly public relations blogs. And PR folks should know how to proofread. But I digress.

Check out the Copyblogger website, or follow Brian Clarke on Twitter (and tell him I sent you). Your readers will thank you.